Thursday, November 17, 2005

About Wild Willy's Pocket Poems

O.K. ... so, about a hundred years ago, in the pre-CrackBerrian Era, I wrote a bunch of these little four-line epigrams that would fit nicely on the screen of the original Motorola two-way pagers that I and everyone else in the world were carrying around 24 hours a day — addictive little bastards, weren't they? Anyway, the ditties proved to be rather popular. I threatened to publish them one day in a book or something; but, of course, I haven't yet followed through on that pipe dream either (Walter Mitty was my cousin).

In the interest of preserving these for posterity, I'm posting them here. If you have any ideas for subjects, feel free to post here as well, or e-mail to me at I'll keep writing them as long as the ideas keep coming ... or until I'm dead — whichever comes first.

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